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Cardinal Point Strategies Featured in Government Security News as a Thought Leader in Table-Top Exercises and Disaster Preparedness

Cardinal Point Strategies was recently featured in Government Security News as a thought leader for their design, development, and delivery of tabletop exercises.  Tabletop exercises are growing increasingly valuable and essential to appropriately plan for disasters at all levels of government.  An organization’s ability to recover quickly from an unexpected disaster is directly associated with the quality of the preparations that have been completed prior to the event, preparations that can be tested through scenario-based simulation tabletop exercises.

A tabletop exercise is a simulated interactive exercise that helps to test the capability of an organization to respond to a simulated event. The exercise tests multiple functions of an organization’s operational plan and is a coordinated response to a situation in a time-pressured, realistic simulation that involves several agencies.  The participants, usually people on a decision-making level, gather around a table to discuss general problems and procedures in the context of an emergency scenario.  A primary goal is to focus on training and familiarization with roles, procedures, or responsibilities as well as to identify gaps in response plans.

According to Paul Goldenberg, CEO of Cardinal Point Strategies, and a long-time proponent, tabletop exercises are powerful tools to use in getting a shared emergency response plan in place in a state, county or municipal community, and to identify shortfalls in managerial capabilities. The plan, according to Goldenberg, is something that has to be established before an emergency takes place, so the community can be sure it is prepared when a catastrophe occurs.

The full article published in Government Security News on 8/13/13 can be found here.

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