Our Team

Tom Walton

Tom Walton joined CPS in the fall of 2013 and is currently the Director of the company’s Training and Knowledge Management Division. Tom Walton is an international training specialist and former embedded advisor with the U.S. State Departments’ Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance program, instructing foreign nationals in Africa, Afghanistan, Columbia, Philippines, Iraq, Trinidad, India, South America, and Jordan. This contribution to the U.S. diplomacy mission abroad, provided Tom with a multi-faceted perspective of terrorism on populations and regions of the world.

Previously, Tom served the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC as a Security Specialist in the Office for Bombing Prevention, coordinating national programs within Presidential mandate: National Capabilities Analysis Database (tactical unit readiness–equipment and training), SWAT/Bomb Squad Interoperability, School Shield (mitigation of violence in schools), Critical Infrastructure Key Resources (completing vulnerability assessments at national sites–with particular focus on IED impact), and the National IED Awareness Campaign; a program which expanded from an annual audience of 350 to reach an estimated 20,000 federal, state, faith-based, private sector, municipal, and citizen end users through webcast, instructor-led, and multi-media courses on IED Awareness, Soft Target Awareness, Bomb Event Management, Suspicious Behavior/Surveillance Detection, etc.

Prior to federal service Tom accumulated 15 years of domestic and international law enforcement experience, accumulating a variety of skillsets: special weapons and tactics, bomb technician, gang intelligence, undercover and criminal investigator. He went on to serve as an international police specialist in Kosovo, assigned the role of dignitary protection and special tactical operations for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission of 2007-2008. As a training specialist with 20+ years of experience, Tom has designed, developed, and delivered training to thousands of police officers, military and private sector personnel. In the area of risk mitigation, Tom has conducted security/vulnerability assessments at private sector and federal facilities worldwide, and used those practices to develop and deliver training, draft and implement security plans, and validate compliance through performance.  Tom initiated his professional career in 1987, with the completion of a four-year term of honorable military service.

CPS Mission

Cardinal Point Strategies’ mission is to assist private, public and NGO sectors achieve high performance in the face of complex business and security risks. Using our real world executive experience and innovative thought leadership, we are committed to stimulating critical thinking, strategic planning and practical solutions.